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Friday, 11-Jan-2008 02:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Petroleum Museum

Robotic Dinosaur
Partial view of Miri, this is my mum
Whose head???
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The Petroleum Museum is situated at Canada Hill, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Inside the Museum you can see various types of things which are relaed to the crude oil business. From model oil rig, to products made from petroleum. There is also photos about the development of oil crude in Malsysia, particularly Miri. Outside the museum, you can see the first real oil rig used in Miri and at this site too was the first time iol crude was found in Miri. It is also the first inland oil well in Miri. BTW, this historical oil well is called the Grand Old Lady! The Dinosaur Exhibition is no longer available cause it was display for a short time only.

Thursday, 10-Jan-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shila farewell

My friend Shila, at the Miri airport. She's now in Sabah. miss her. together, from my left, Shila, Kak Fiza and Aida

Wednesday, 28-Jun-2006 16:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jom Heboh Miri

Me n the Newscasters
Ung n the Newscasters
The main stage for the Concert
TV3's Jom Heboh, the famous family oriented carnival, was for the first time held in Miri, Sarawak on the 3nd June 2006- 4th June 2006. I went with my colleague, Ung. The atmospere was not that strong when I went there cos I went there on the first day of the carnival, n oso I went there at 8am to avoid traffic congestion. I was lucky to snap photos woth 3 tv3 n tv8 personalities, Well, spend bout RM30, all on foodstuffs

Tuesday, 27-Jun-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Nephew Wedding

The Goose
Groom's brother
My cousin n cousin in law
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I attended my nephew(yup, nephew, same age lagi) in Dec 2005. Venue, Shunde, Guangzhou,China. Well, the wedding is quite different from the Chinese Wedding in Malaysia. Quite an eye opener n the food is YUMMMMMMYYYYYY With roasted pigeonm pork, gingko nut with cashew nuts, .....total more than 15 dishes for that dinner. before that, got lunch with relatives n close friends. BTW, if u r married, be prepared to prepare lotsa small ang pows to give to the "Heng Yau" aka groom's friends. The dinner n lunch is held in the main hall. Go jemput bride from the hotel since she's from Shenzen. People still give live goose n chickens to the family as wedding gifts. The goose was slaughtered by dont know who, n we had it for a steamboat dinner one nite. well, my aunty said is a kurus goose!
Anyway, the wedding is a success with many sweet memories. Have to come back early to sit for the stupid PTK exam. since had to sit exam in Miri. So in a week, sit 4 times airplanes!

Saturday, 24-Jun-2006 17:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mother's Day in Miri

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Celebrated Mother's Day in Miri with my parents. Booked 3 weeks in advanced for the buffet dinner in Dyanasty Hotel in Miri! Well, for your info, Dynasty Hotel serve the Best Buffet Lunch/Hi-Tea or Dinner around in Miri n very reasonable! The best I'd ever had Buffet in Miri is the Seafood Fest in Park City Everly. For 48 nett, u can have all the XL Prawns, Lobsters, Fish, Mussels, Oysters,... that you can stuffed yourself with!
Well, for Mum's Day, Dynasty gave all mums a stalk of Carnation n all every body have a piece of Mother's Day Cake, but YUCK! The cake they serve in Buffet is many hundreds times nicer! The food is yummy! Can't sleep cos too full the whole nite n go to school the next morning very sleepy!

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